Open Source

Learn and share knowledge is one of the most exciting things, so I am thankful and glad to have the continuous opportunity to meet wonderful people that helps to create that synergy that motivates you (and others) to put your hands on and take responsibility to make something that will help.

I have been involved in Open Source since 2000, mostly as a speaker and developer, but one of my best experience so far was to participate in Google Summer of Code Program in 2006 and 2007, where i was lucky enough to contribute to One Laptop Per Child and Sugar Labs projects.

On 2001 I started the Monkey HTTP Server project just as a hobby, but it did not turn serious until the end of 2007 when i retake the project and set goals and a real vision about what will happen with it. On that moment most of the server core was rewritten, it got: event-driven model (async), fixed threads, plugins, API within others. Since that, a community started to grow and we have been pushing forward to create a professional HTTP Server for Linux that also due to it's optimizations fits very well on Embedded Linux.

After the years the project have gain a lot of popularity, it's a recognized solution that have been adopted by many people and companies for their Networking solutions. On 2012, 2013 and 2014, Monkey joined as a participant organization to Google Summer of Code program, where our community have mentored 12 students in an remote-internship mode around the world, they have contributed to Monkey in a valuable way to different areas.

Recently on this 2014, Monkey joined as a participant organization of Yocto Project, you can read more about it here.

On Feb 2012 I started a parallel project called Duda I/O, a web services framework in C to build scalable web services that of course runs on top of Monkey. After a few years is a production ready solution already adopted by some business that runs services that needs to scale on the context of Ads, NoSQL and general Home Automation.

It continue being an amazing journey, Open Source matters and there is always a moment to improve things, or even make them faster.