Three months at Treasure Data

Almost three months ago, I started a new Open Source Adventure and I called it adventure because I had to take decisions where different variables to evaluate were involved like: family, stability, country, long-term-plans, etc.

So how things are going now?, I would say pretty well!, there is a lot of fun things to do, I feel more happy contributing than just calling working. One thing that I am very pleasant about Treasure Data is about the work environment, despites I am a remote worker (I work from Costa Rica), I had the opportunity to visit the HQ offices in Mountain View a couple of times and I can say that people is very friendly.


The company philosophy is pretty simple: "be humble, honest, open and committed to the key values at Treasure Data", and that is not just words, I often have a good eye and I can re-affirm that those values are really present on all areas and from people collaborating in different roles. In my opinion and based on my short-life experience outside of the IT world, this lead to the strong Japanese culture inside Treasure Data. For those who don't know, TD is an American company founded by 3 Japanese people, it first office opened in Mountain View-California, which is the current Head Quarters, then it succeeded very quickly and opened the second one in Tokyo.

If sometime, you as and occidental, have the opportunity to practice some real Asian discipline (like martial arts), you will realize that one of the core principles is self-discipline, be humble and honest to everyone, that's the way to learn, train and grow as a person, and having those principles inside a work environment is very grateful, at least for me.

Now talking about technical things, I am really happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with ideas and propose execution plans to align company's mission to expand to emergent markets, on my specific case, I am talking about Open Source and Embedded initiatives . I would say that the major accomplishments as of today, which are the first steps for the long-term plans that I was lucky enough to participate are:

  • Treasure Data becomes an official member of the Linux Foundation [1] [2]
  • Fluentd becomes a Yocto Project participant organization.
  • Started a new project called Fluent-Bit to cover data collection needs on Embedded Linux environments.
  • Creating presence on Open Source events as attendee and speaker.
  • Many others!

I am glad to be around supportive people, Fluentd team do an excellent job on expanding the project scope and leading it development, it clearly becomes a reliable and fast performance Data Collection tool than can be integrated with third party services easily. On the other side, the management is always looking for ways to help us to succeed, a really grateful experience.

Finally, I am happy to announce that Treasure Data will support the development of Monkey Project, I will try to write more details about that in the incoming weeks 🙂