As a member of Monkey Project which have joined as a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code 2012 program, we were invited to assist to the Mentors Summit conference at Googleplex in California, US. Two members of our community flight to Google to represent the organization: Felipe Reyes and I.

Be part of a project who was selected for GSoC 2012 is really exciting, because of the recognition as a solid open source project and the given opportunity to mentor three students around the world and instruct them about collaboration and core development in our project. It was a hard work and at the end, the other exciting part begins: the Mentors Summit.

The event took place in California, it started on Friday 19th at Wild Palms hotel with an open dinner around the pool and free beer for everyone, no formal things, just eat together and met great people behind each project 🙂

On Saturday 20th, we went to the famous Googleplex, to take breakfast before the event starts, and i cannot omit to mention that is TRUE, Google have a great free-food services for everyone, i was amazed with the great details that they have for their employees, the place is well designed with a lot of colors around and the general campus is pretty friendly.

We ran into different (and parallel) sessions with topics about GSoC it self and technical things about each project, it was an unconference so each people proposed their own topic in a board with a flexible schedule. Honestly i was not prepared to give a talk as i was not aware that we could propose technical sessions.. but well, we sign up for a talk about Monkey, we mostly talked about project internals and Duda web services, it went pretty well, interesting discussions about the project were raised and new horizons could come...

I attended some technical and GSoC sessions, it was a really good opportunity for Google and the mentoring organizations to discuss ways to improve the program, i am impressed about how the Open Source department is committed to help organizations to grow and create networks with other projects. Its a difficult work but the synergy around people involved in this program makes things easier, everybody was open to contribute, i would say that GSoC more than a program is a real community, an open program it self.

What a surprise, I finally met the good guys from the Open Source Lab, who we have been working together with us for about two years, they provide and maintain our hosting infrastructure, thanks!. In the right James Lopeman from .

OSL at left, at right


At night, social activities continues in the hotel with a new dinner around the pool and free drinks, have fun, share different technical interests and more and more...














A great event, i went without clear expectations it was something totally great, i have attended many conferences in the past and i have to say that this have been on the best in terms of organization, people and objectives.

I hope Google Summer of Code runs again in 2013, if so, we will do the best to get Monkey in.