Last week we did the review of the mid-term evaluation of Google Summer of Code, on this second round of the program 2/3 of our students continue hacking Monkey, by now i can mention that we have fully implemented the following by students:

  • Monkey Library: Monkey now can be converted in a shared library, that means that you can use Monkey stack using the lib API
  • Monkey CGI Plugin: when we moved to a event-driven model in Monkey 0.10.0 (two years ago), we decided to remove the CGI support as it lack of performance, due to people requirements and one successful student who already finished his initial project, he decided to move forward with extra tasks, so the CGI support is officially back for the next release v1.1.
  • Redis Support: our web services framework called Duda, implements packages to add extra features or make the use of third party components in an easy manner, Redis package is ready for Duda and will be merged into mainline within the next week.

Ongoing tasks by the students are: complete the merge of library support in Monkey mainline, FastCGI support, Memcache support for Duda... exciting times 🙂