In August 2011, we will launch, a Business website for outsourcing services, mostly known as a Freelancing site. But not just a common one like the sites available, one business site where users can really trust and get high quality services at  fair rates and out of scammers.

I will share more details shortly, by now i invite you to follow the project at Twitter:

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As usual we have been working in the next version of Monkey, we are delivering a lot of improvements in terms of performance, scheduler fixes, decreased memory usage, stable plugins for authentication and scripting support, new security model based on network ranges and many more things, more details will come with the official announcement.

i have been surprised that many people from different places has joined to the IRC channel to get some support and know a little bit more about the project, a couple of them are there daily and the best thing is that they are providing patches and suggesting improvements, and that's is really cool. The project visibility is growing and that's terrific but also means more work 🙂

Remembering the Monkey life cycle, when 0.9.x was around, it used to have a common networking model "1 thread per client", in 0.10 we rework almost everything to have a model with fixed threads and asynchronous sockets, in 0.11 we introduced a simple API for plugins, a new configuration mechanism based on indented text plus performance improvements and scripting support. In 0.12 arrived SSL and changed the internal mechanism to handle linked lists (Linux Kernel style). In 0.13 series has been fixes and performance improvements... and now ? what's next ? 0.13.3 ?, 0.14 ?.. the answer is NO, we will jump directly to Monkey 0.20. The 0.1x series has ended, this new cycle brings a more mature project and we are ready to go for more.

Monkey 0.20 codename is "Maduro Frito con queso" (fried mature banana with cheese), check how it looks:

Picture taken in Guayaquil - Ecuador, strong food before to get drunk

So that's all for now, we will keep you posted !