Oracle have a huge commitment into the Linux Kernel project, nowadays we can find a lot of projects which are merged into mainline and are a benefit for the community, a few of them are:

  • OCFS2: Oracle Cluster File System (for generic use)
  • ASMLib: Automatic Storage Management feature of the Oracle Database
  • RDS: Allows multiple reliable datagram socket operations between two nodes to share a single connection-oriented connection
  • BTRFS: New scalable file system focusing on fault tolerance, repair and easy administration.
  • A full list at


Part of this commitment, is also the improvement of the Virtualisation technology inside the Kernel. Oracle provides a full Virtualisation infrastructure based on Xen and a user space software stack for it's management.  I would invite you to read this interesting blog post from Wim Coekaerts about two new features already available into the mainline Kernel which are making the VM stack rock:

Another feature hit Mainline Linux: CleanCache / transcendent memory