Enjoying busy days/weeks/months..

This has been a really busy time... i have new roles in my life which makes me feel really excited, my daughter is about four months now (she's so lovely!), this Sunday i'm getting 6 years together with my wife (two married but i like to count since the beginning), almost one year in my new Oracle work team "Linux Support engineering", hacking my Monkey and near of the 0.14.0 release, wasting few minutes playing Angry Bird for Chrome (grr i cannot stop playing!), studying Linux Kernel Development for my own and just started to do some minor Linux Kernel patches.

All this requires to optimize the time (yes, Angry bird is not the best example) and balance daily activities... it's a difficult task but possible 🙂

[UPDATE May 25, 2011]
My first two minor patches for Kernel Kbuild (gconfig) are going to mainline: https://lkml.org/lkml/2011/5/25/417, yay!