An open source project does not exists without somebody behind it, i'm not talking about a simple 'developer' pushing code to some repository, i am talking about people around which have something in common and work together  with the same objective in mind. For me,  people around (no matters the level of compromise) is part of a community. Someones share some time in the chat to talk about the project, others send suggestions, others just look to see what's going on, others helps with documentation... too many roles, the human being needs to live and work in society, the Monkeys too 🙂

Encuentro Linux 2010 - Chile

When I say that Monkey Project is open, i am not just referring to the source code with a license file... that is the easy part, the hard part is to continue being an open community, where new people can join and be listened, share ideas, discuss and have fun. People motivated usually made great things and be motivated in community is even better...

The Monkey team invite the new people around to be part of this community, join to the chat, let us know your concerns, let's get some beers, whatever you want... we promote the Community as the basics for this project... is our KEY

I've started to write a simple plugin for Monkey HTTP Daemon which will perform the HTTP Basic Authentication, i had to deal finding simple functions to perform Base64 and SHA1 encryption without use external dependencies such as OpenSSL or similars. Finally after waste my time with some buggy SHA1 functions,  i got the implementation written by Linus Torvalds for GIT project.

My test cases are working as expected, so i'm placing a tarball with the code and examples, feel free to to use it in your open projects:

  • download the tarball
  • tar zxfv sha1_b64.tar.gz
  • cd sha1_b64/
  • make
  • ./example
  • php example.php

happy encryption 🙂