Monkey Development team is proud to announce our major milestone: Monkey 0.10.0 !!!


Monkey HTTP Daemon is a very Fast and Lightweight Web Server for Linux. It  has been designed to be very scalable with low memory and CPU consumption, the perfect solution for embedded and high production environments.

The project was started in 2001, internally it used to work with forking and threading networking models to attend clients, now, our current release 0.10.0 is one of our major milestone, we have a new web server working in asyncronous mode, fixed threads and with an excellent performance.

This version has been in development for the last two years, we have rewritten almost 85% of the old code and we have met our goals in a very
stable product 🙂

What's new ?

  • Asynchronous Server: No more blocking calls.
  • New Pipelining request support
  • New 'Listen' configuration directive: allow to restrict incoming
    connection to a determinated network interface
  • QA Packages: We have added a quallity assurance package which help us to
    determinate if the server is working properly as expected, it has different
    type of request and expect specific responses, also it checks the log files
    for every QA request made
  • Plugins Support: Now Monkey support Plugins, we have created a new API
    which provides a very easy way to extend the behavior and features of the
  • Cheetah! Shell Plugin: This plugin add a command line interface (shell) to
    Monkey!, it has been writen for debugging purposes, check workers status and
  • Security Plugin : It adds optional security rules to restrict the access
    to the server
  • Worker logger: A new worker is in charge to register the log entries, it
    helps to reduce the I/O
  • Configuration Files: The configuration structure has changed, now we have
    a more organized configuration for global variables and virtual hosts
  • A lot of minor bug fixes


We would like recognize the contribution and help provided by the following

  • Carlos Ghan
  • Thorsten Schmale
  • Niedobryjasiu
  • Jonathan Gonzalez
  • GreenFox
  • Felipe Astroza

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