Existe una gran diferencia entre la imaginación y la Auto-Realización.  Mediante tu imaginación puedes tener sueños y visiones subconcientes de Cristo cada día.  Pero tal experiencia no significa que tú estés verdaderamente en contacto con El.  La verdadera visita de Jesús es la comunión con la Conciencia Crística.  Si tú estás sintonizado con Cristo, toda tu vida cambiará".

Paramahansa Yogananda. Revista de Self-Realization

Today i was reading the Ubuntu planet and i saw a very interesting post from Jono Bacon who mentioned a new and useful tool called Quickly. As described in the official site:

"Quickly strives to make programming easy and fun by bringing opinionated choices about how to write different kinds of programs to developers. Included is a Ubuntu application template for making applications that integrate smoothly into the Ubuntu software infrastructure."

I gave a try to the tool and i can say that it really simplifies the process when you start to create a new PyGTK application, if you want to start a simple app and use Glade for the interface, you have to design the main window, load glade file, catch window events and others... the same routine every time. With Quickly, you start a new project from the command line and it created the whole necessary files and structures, it has commands to edit files, edit in glade, create debian packages and push bundles to launchpad... if you want to start to write quikcly applications start with the following commands:

  • sudo apt-get install quickly
  • quickly create ubuntu-project my_first_project
  • cd my_first_project
  • quickly run

Other additional commands:

  • quickly package: create Debian package
  • quickly release: push project to launchpad
  • quickly tutorial: load HTML tutorials
  • quickly glade: open quickly Glade project in Glade
  • quickly dialog somename: add a GTK dialog window to Glade project