While i was traveling on a Boeing plane this morning (1am) from Ecuador to Chile, i was watching a movie in the Seat-TV system until something weird happens: all monitors from the plane got frozen with a blue screen and a few ones with a error message as:

warning: mysql_connect(), cannot connect to local MySQL server through
socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (11) in /thales/apps/250paxeui/lan/backend/dbapi/dbConnection.php on line 9

could not connect, cannot connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (11)

(yes, i turned on my laptop to copy the text,)

oh!, Lan is using MySQL + PHP as UI to let the user choose between movies, games..etc, that's cool, which is not is why the MySQL server is down ? after that i realized that under my seat a mini computer was connected so i can assume that they are using a terminal client and a central server on the plane...there were no much to do... i think that somebody had to  reboot the server twice to get the system back properly.

Interesting as free software is flying over the world ūüôā

  • New Website: ¬†As you know, Monkey project has been hosted in¬†Sourceforge.net server for the last 7 years, as the project is growing and¬†we are requiring more specific server features that Sourceforge are not¬†providing, I decided to move the official site to a new server and also a¬†NEW ADDRESS!. First all "THANKS!!!" to Sourceforge for support Monkey¬†project during this time.The new hosting provider is GoDaddy.com, and our NEW website address is:


    Also, i have pushed a new website design based on the PostgreSQL design¬†and schema, i want to keep it simple and easy to get the desired¬†information. The site is still under construction and as you know your input¬†is ALWAYS welcome ūüôā

    FYI, we have not get any sponsor to pay the service, i hope to get some sponsors to support the basic hosting service, do you want's to collaborate ??

  • Monkey + Plugins: Lot of features are missed and required and is not a¬†good idea to keep all inside the Monkey Core, so a new Plugins feature has¬†been included and the first plugin is the 'Cheetah!' shell. This is a major¬†milestone in the project and i'm very excited about this progress, we would¬†decrease the Monkey Core size and move desired features to external plugins¬†which will be loaded on runtime per configuration.
  • Event: Jornadas Regionales 2009*: the Jornadas Regionales is one of the¬†most famous FLOSS events in south america, this year the event is taken¬†place in Santiago - Chile. On Wednesday 7, i'll be presenting a talk aboutthe Monkey Project, if you are considering to assist to the event, please¬†get in touch with me, i like to meet people who's read this.
    URL:  http://www.jornadasregionales.org