For the first time I tried Damn Small Linux some minutes ago, a very small live distro which includes Monkey as main webserver, the distro looks very nice!, it uses the JWM windows manager and includes Dillo as web browser, did you know that Dillo author is from  Chile ? nice!

When I started the system under Qemu comes to my mind the old times when using Linux... a very basic graphic environment but very powerful!!!

The bad news is that seems that DSL project is not active, i'm wondering if are they considering to include a 2.6 linux kernel, otherwise i will have to port Monkey 0.10.x to work on 2.4 kernel (no big deal)..

Talking in the #cakephp channel (just replaced some info):

  • someguy: anyone know how I could improve the mysql index for a where of WHERE ((some_field < 3) OR (some_field = 1)) AND otherfield_id = (1006)
  • me: someguy, what about to add an index for otherfield_id ?
  • someguy: that did improve it
  • someguy: heh, I already did the first to on the production db
  • someguy: cpu usage went down
  • me: cool
  • someguy: yeah
  • someguy: the DB had become the bottleneck
  • me: is that a public site ?
  • someguy: yes
  • me: can i see it ?
  • someguy: