When you have a pretty cool gadget as an Ipod Touch, you should give it an useful use...

Yesterday I started a new project called Gmote, a remote controller for GNOME applications, what's the idea?, just control basic features of your running applications and Desktop using an external device with network access and a browser...


The UI is very simple to use,  just select a communication port and an application template. Let's describe how it works:

Gemote includes a very simple webserver, so you just need to choose the communication port where the server will be listening for incoming connections and the application template which describe the commands availables for the client connections, eg: if user wants to share Gnome control, the client will see a simple web page with buttons to control the audio: Raise, Lower and Mute. If user choose OpenOffice Presentation template, the browser will get buttons to control: Next, Previous and Quit.


The browser send the commands to the Gmote web server, every template define by configuration which commands are allowed to be executed and the server restrict which are not in the white list.

Steps to run it:

1) Start the service

2) Connect to your server with an external device using the server ip address an port like

If you want to try it, please download the latest snapshot version from: https://edsiper.com/gmote_snapshots/



  • xmacro
  • GTK
  • PyGTK
  • Glade
  • Python