Next saturday 25th of the current month, as every year after the National Linux Meeting in Chile,  the famous Gnome Day will take place in the Concepción University , but this time it will be part of the  GNOME Latin American Tour 2008!, this cool event will bring you international and locals contributors of the Gnome Project where you will enjoy talks about Art work, development tools, image processing, quality assurance and others. You can see the full program on this page.

If you are curious about how to be part of Gnome and how to contribute, this is your chance, go to and register/participate for free, there's no cost associated.

See you there!

Few minutes ago, I was reading an email sent by John W. Eaton, which is the maintainer and developer for the latest 16 years of the GNU Octave Project , saying that he's looking for a job because he cannot get more funds in order to continue working on his project in a full time mode.

That email make me thing about how difficult is to get a job where you can do exacly what do you like to do, or if you are luckely, you will work with the technology and tools that you like. But if you have your own project, is very difficult to get sponsored, unless your piece of software became fundamental for some companies, some examples are Apache web server, Python, Gnome, etc. In other cases you are recruited to work with that technologies because you have the enought knowledge.

The good thing behind this "issue", is that if your project is interesting, you will have a cool community supporting and contributing to it...

IT Companies that use open source software, should support them, support doesn't means *just* donate money,  but can be the way to donate the enought time to your employee to contribute as: time to give a talk, write some code, write some document, etc. In the other side, if you use an open source software and you are getting some money back with it, you should think about it... people as John W. Eaton need to get supported, why ?, because he's doing a great work and you can give him the possibility to continue...

In October 23th and 24th will take place the 9th National LInux Conference in Chile in the Concepción University of Chile. In this year the international expositors are Ivan Krstic (ex-OLPC), Sulamita Garcia (Intel & Linuxchix) and Patrick Sinz (Mandriva).  It will be an interesting time to attend their speech and learn about their experiences.

Every year this conference is a great opportunity to meet new people and talk with old geek friends, share ideas and create new crazy things, if you have the time to attend... just do it!, this year the event will rock!

This year I will be giving an interesting, fun and motivational talk called "Monkey HTTP Daemon - Un servidor web de alto rendimiento". In 2001 I started to write a web server just for Linux, with supported features as CGI, PHP, Multithread, etc. Seven years later I've rewritten around 75% of the original code, now it support new technologies and cool features, a new community is growing around it, new designers has contributed with cool artwork and the server include a new "networking model" which allow to handle thousands of clients per second but reducing the hardware resources consumption.

HTTP users increase every day, new ideas need to be developed and efficient code made, you can be part of this change. If you want to share your ideas before the talk/speech,  just send me an email...

see you there!