Today I registered new free services to manage in a better way Monkey HTTP Daemon, so it will be handle as following:

I tried to chose the best services available, now we are going to get in touch...

Last saturday was one of the most happy days of my life, I got married with Evelyn in the Catholic Church called "San  Agustin de la Dolorosa" in the pretty city of Guayaquil - Ecuador on September 20th.

On September 18th, we did a travel with my parents and my cousin, one of my best friend "Panchito" could assist too to the wedding, he lives now in Valparaiso-Indiana U.S.A. When we arrived, the first thing that you feel is the GREAT weather, and after that the very lovely people and family waiting for us. Evelyn family are great!, her's parents are very nice and her's 13 nephew too!!!, that's a big family!

I felt so relaxed in the church, Evelyn looks so pretty with her's dress that I was amazed...really really, I'm a very lucky guy... The ceremony was very beautiful and everything got fine.. After that, we went to the reception in a beautiful  place owned by the army (nobody can't escape!), we enjoy a lot the party and the big hit of the night was "La Hora Loca" (Crazy hour), a theater company comes to your party with trumbs, Mimos, Venenciano, people in zancos etc... 1 hour jumping and playing with curious huts, mask and stuff! I really got fun!!!

Perfect formula: Love, Family, friends and Fun

A perfect day to start a perfect lovely life...

I'm going to miss Ecuador, people is REALLY nice and very lovely, is a country with a sweet weather (Guayaquil: 30º C avg) and delicious food. I'll be back soon!

Since my laptop is not working properly, after play some videos the CPU gets very warm, around 96ºC!, that's enought to get an unusable laptop or let the kernel decide to shut it down, googling I found a cool video that teach how to clean a laptop:

How To Clean A Laptop

tomorrow morning I will buy a compressed air can 😀

BTW, my laptop is the same model as that guy has in the video

In a few hours I'll be flying to Ecuador, I'm getting married on this Saturday 20th!, I'm so exciting about it!

I'll be there around six days enjoying of the new married life, warm weather and delicious food...

BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHILE !!!!!, TODAY AND TOMORROW WE CELEBRATE OUR NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE DAYS! (there not the right dates but well...): Uyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

Today is my birthday, I feel very happy for that, I'm getting married next week!! yahoooo!, I love my family, I have a good job....what else ?? I'm just happy!!!, thanks to God to bless me every day and gave me opportunity to learn and share experiences with others...

every day is a opportunity,  every birthday a huge bless !!!

Has been one month since my last post on my blog, so let's resume a little bit about what's going on:


From August 13th to 23th, I went to Orlando, FL USA, it was a business trip (meetings and training) for Oracle. I'm not going to talk about my daily work there, just about the awesome city that Orlando is. Orlando has a tropical weather, is very hot, every day there's around 30°C as minimum on this summer. If you like to have fun and feel like as where you was younger... you have great places to know as Universal Studios, Sea World or Disney World !!!!.

As I had a few days to stay around there, I decided to buy a ticket for seven days to know the fully Universal Studios, which has two main payed parks called Universal Studios and Universal Adventure.  The first one is related to movies shows/theater as Shrek 4D, The Mum, Terminator, Simsons (Krustyland!), Beattle Juice, Men in Black, JAWS!!!, Twister, etc.....  Sadly I went alone, but it was an amazing experience, I had a lot of fun there, the place is huge and you have a variety of things to do, I took a lot of picture which I'm going to push to facebook...I really got crazy taking pictures, there's no words to explain how fun a kind of this parks can be, for the next time I would need a smaller camera...

Another place inside the Universal Studios that's free and you can have have fun and relax for a while is the "City Walk", a public place with a lake where you can see the famous Universal Studios world symbol, eat something delicious in the Hard Rock Cafe (that place is awesome), enjoy the NBA store, listen live night concerts and others... 100% recomendable!

And for the real adrenaline, the Adventure park, the Hulk roller coaster is awesome!, if you want to feel really scared about your life and screaming you've to go there!... the other places are interesting but I prefer the universal studios (movies site)...

New Gadget: IPod Touch

While I was in Orlando, I decide to buy an Ipod Touch for 3 reasons: I like to listen music, cool design and I don't need to open my laptop anymore just for check my email.

I've playing for a while with the podcast stuff, today I've subscribed to some podcasts sites, I took some recommended by Franco Catrin on his blog, this is my list:

Hacking Monkey HTTP Daemon

I've blog a little bit about the big changes that I've been made to Monkey. The last days I've been improving the dir_html module which feature I don't like it but is very useful in some cases, now I'm dealing trying to make it functional in async mode, as you know, the new version which is still under development has a hybrid method to handle connections: threads + polling, more info about this in the next release.


My wife went to her's country for vacations, past 3 days when she backs to chile I had to travel to USA, so I miss her a lot, when I back we have hanging out , celebrating hers Brithday! and enjoying different things of Santiago.

This Last saturday I went to Valparaiso to met with my ex-colleagues from High-School!, we did our first meeting after 10 years!!!, it was very fun, we did a cool BBQ with good music and good drinks 😀 ... nobody is so changed, let's so how are we going to look in 10 years more!

That's enought for now.. cambio y fuera 😉