are you student ?
do you will like to have an unique experience ?
do you will like to have a mentor helping you with the issues ?
do you will like to have fun coding ?
do you will like to contribute to an open source project ?

and have been paid for that ??? believe it!,  Summer of Code is for you !!!

My personal tips:

  • Look for an interesting project for you
  • If you already  has chose which project do you will  like to contribute, GET IN TOUCH WITH THE MENTORS before the project start, they can help you...
  • You can do it !, It's the biggest opportunity to join to the opensource world...

If some one of you need some help, just email me!

My "vacations" has ended, this next monday I'll start my new job at the big O: Oracle. I'm very happy with this new challenge,is something very different and it looks very interesting because I'll learn a lot and I'll have good partners as JCI.

I know that's a very different job if we compare it with Open source projects, every one that knows me, know what I love to get involved in open source projects,  but is very difficult to get a job in that area. I'll continue contributing to the projects as OLPC and my Monkey on my free time, I'm very excited with this new job and hope to do the best that I can.

Every challenge is a new opportunity,  thanks to all guys that make this challenge possible, thanks!