Yes!, my english continue poor!, but I'm working on it 😉

There's a long time that I haven't posted anything on my blog and now it's time to write a little about me: In the last year (2007) I lost my vacations in the summer because I decided to work in a little project which takes more time that my employer and I were expecting to get it done.

In march I continue with my job and I got the opportunity to teach CCNA and Linux in DuocUC, in the same time I decide to study english in the WSI.

In June I joined to contribute to the OLPC project through the Summer of Code - Google program, as the 2006 year, the experience was awesome and a little more difficult, in this time I applied to work in the Sugar core where I was contributing with the toolkit stuff and new activities for the interface. The most harder work was the 'palettes' stuff... like every year when the GSOC program ends I continue working as volunteer.

The last year don't was just about teach, study and help with code,it was also about to contribute giving a lot of speeches about OLPC and trying to catch/get new developers to the project, I did some travels to Peru, Brazil and different cities of Chile like Viña del Mar, Arica, Santiago and Puerto Montt.

In december (13 th) I got an email from my employer trying to explain me that the client is not going to continue working with the company, so he doesn't have any money to pay me for the next year, so I'll get fired on Dec 31th, plop (plop = Chilean expression that means something like: wtf!).

I sent a lot of resumes and CV to open sources companies and some privates ones. I was interviewed by both and a big international private one that I didn't do any contact, was interested on me (they were reading the and got my post about 'I need a job')  , if all comes right, I'll be moving to Santiago and enjoying my new job in a few weeks 🙂 .

Now I'm on vacations, trying to stay far away from the computer, enjoying the summer and get in touch with my old friends. It's a new year, new city, new job and a new life style...

Open source future? I'll continue contributing to the OLPC project on my free time, I believe on it!, I'll  retake all my projects.

Thanks God for all your blesses. Things happen in the right time, not always we get the things  that we would like to get it, but we can be sure that every person get the best for him, is necessary to learn to recognize the signals and take new challenges.

Happy new year for all the readers! .