Today my employer told me that the project, that I was working,was ended. So I need to get a new job for january 2008, if any one of you knows where somebody needs a CS Engineer or an Open Source developer, please let me know…. but ASAP!

Hoy mi empleador me comunico que en el proyecto que me encontraba trabajando ha terminado. Seguire trabajando para la empresa durante este año pero necesito un nuevo trabajo para Enero del 2008, si alguno de ustedes conoce donde necesitan un Ingeniero en Informática o u desarrollador de software libre, por favor hagamelo saber, .... pero lo mas rápido posible!

Every week I get a new email about people wondering if the Monkey HTTP Daemon development still continue and always I reply saying: yes!, but be patience!.

The goal of Monkey is to be a small webserver with less than 60 KB on it binary size, so I don't expect to include big new features than can make increase it's binary size. Before Dec 31th I will release a new version with minor bug fixes, maybe a new webpage... more news coming soon

Three days ago I lost my cellphone and the next day I lost my USB Key too. Is Mr. Murphy the responsible of these facts ?. I needed my cellphone to get some calls and my USB in order to Upgrade my XO-B4.

I bought a new USB Key and I couldn't read their content from OpenFirmware, because the company ,that made this product (USB Key), likes to avoid some technical design specifications, so thanks to Mitch Bradley who made a quick patch to Openfirmware I could get the USB key content without problems.

Always I'm wondering, what are the real reasons of every life's situation?.. in my case the answer may be is to give me some peace and fix Openfirmware/OLPC, who knows...

is God behind the Merphy's laws ?, I'm sure he is 🙂

Since 2005, the Summer of Code Google Program has been taking an important place with a lot of foundations and students as participants. I've been participating since 2006 on this program and I can say that 'it's an exciting experience'.

I asked to my self what happened with the people, who are under 18 years old and can't participate.., why can they not take part of it?, well, the answer for my question is that for the younger people there is another program that is called The Google Highly Open Participation Contest, that is the new Google program that recruit students from primary high school to colleges in order to involve them in open source projects.

That's a very interesting program, I wish I was young again!, Good luck boys !, new open source hackers are welcome !!!

In my free time, I've been writing a new application called 'XO-Monitor'.

The idea of this application is to watch a XO through the network from a normal PC or Laptop, something similar to the old-developer console but using a GUI + SSH + FUSE, it's still in an alpha stage, at the moment it can:

  • Get XO basic information as: build, kernel, firmware, model, serial number, etc
  • Trace system CPU usage
  • Log viewer
  • Simple network stats
  • List XOs in the local network (using Avahi)

There's a long TODO list, and many bugs to fix, if you want to contribute ... you're welcome. The first snapshot can be found here: